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Our engineers and big data experts are ready to assist you.  We help our clients build the complex data architectures, data pipelines and machine learning models to take their organisations to the next level.


Our knowledge of modern data engineering tools and data architectures such as Spark, Kafka, NiFi and Airflow enable our clients to capture and manage vast amounts of data in their organisations.


We apply modern machine learning techniques such as XGBoost, TensorFlow and Scikit Learn to process and leverage the valuable data of our clients in order to maximize profits and reduce costs.


We have extensive experience in modern cloud services, including AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.  Our clients benefit from the technological speed and agilty made possible by cloud computing.


Streamlined Banking

using Big Data, Hadoop and Spark

Our customer in the banking space creates 1000’s of metrics as part of its batch customer credit score process. 1000’s of these metrics are based on credit bureau data. Our big data engineers migrated these credit bureau metric generation processes from mainframe to Spark on Hadoop. We reduced the processing time for 1.35 billion metrics from batch jobs spread across many days on their mainframe to one job for all customers completing in 23 minutes on Apache Spark.

Artificial Intelligence – Disrupting Industries.

From agriculture to manufacturing, finance to healthcare, AI is transforming the way we live and work.


Machine learning algorithms are becoming the industry standard to price individual insurance products, routing systems increases efficiency and accuracy of claims handling, fraud-detection systems spot anomalies in claims and IoT sensors enable pricing based on client behaviours.


Customer service is greatly improved through chatbots and even humanoid assistants, mobile banking is enabling banking services to always be available, machine learning improves decision-making for loans and credit and algorithmic trading has become the de facto standard.


AI is transforming manufacturing by improving quality control, shortening design times, reducing materials waste, improving production reuse and performing predictive maintenance.  Robotic manufacturing and visual inspection systems are becoming prevalent in many manufacturing environments.


AI is greatly improving operations and customer service, virtual trial rooms are becoming a reality, recommendation systems help clients find products tailored to their needs, improved data analysis are helping to shape individually targeted marketing campaigns.


Precision agriculture uses AI to detect diseases and weeds, seasonal forecasting models improve agricultural accuracy and increase productivity and labour challenges are being overcome through automated agriculture machines.


Human lives are being greatly impacted through automation of diagnostic tests, improved drug formulations through machine learning techniques and improvements in the speed and accuracy of treatments and monitoring.

Our Clients

We are trusted to deliver big data, machine learning and cloud service solutions by some of the largest and best-known organisations in South Africa.

First National Bank

Our Tech Stack

We use the right tools and technologies to solve difficult problems.

Amazon EC2
Amazon S3
Scikit Learn

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